Building a Wall

It is amazing how the same help exists for many disasters. If you are in a war, build walls quickly, usually with sand bags. If you are in a flood build a wall. If you are a refugee in a dry desert, build a wall for shade. What are we doing when we build a wall? Our intention is key. A wall is most often seen s a means of imprisoning or rejecting what one does not want. It has negative connotations in the modern Western world.

The wall is a central theme in Nader Khalili’s book, “Racing Alone”, where the word “Ham-Sayeh – “Same-Shade” means “neighborhood” in his home country of Iran. The wall is the giver of shade in a hot climate; it is the divider of sun and shade. And so the walls unite neighbors with the positive meaning of sharing sun and shade. Building a wall together shows that, “Your greatest enemy, can be your greatest friend”. People come and go like shadows in time, yet the walls remain. And in the end these protecting walls define only unity, unity, unity.

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