New Year – New Earth

What is a New Year? What makes it New? Recognizing the moment as New is the essence of it. We could mark this at any time, but we choose the New Year. Many civillizations have chosen to mark “New Year” with a re-set button, marking the moment of recognizing that our logic is faulty – often expressed by a mis-fit between Solar and Lunar and Earthly calendars. Or “time to move on” from our cherished images. So what survives a New Year moment? We do! Life does. This is why New Year is always a time of celebration and appreciation of life lived today. It brings an awareness of our common humanity – that we are all of this earth. All of the same earth. New Years should be spent in fellowship with family, friends, or community. But if one is alone, at least be with the natural world – the sky and clouds, a garden, a plant, a rock, a stream. The New Years moment is also why it is a good time for reviewing the last year and resolving for the next, since it holds a mirror to our face and burns out our illusions. How precious this life is, and how fleeting. Yet how eternal is the moment NOW and no escape from that! The New Years moment can re-set our whole life to not forgetting and being in this moment. A New Year’s resolution which is set in this moment makes a true Quest,  a direction to Sustainable Living.

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