About ASL

The mission of Ansari Sustainable Living is to provide information, demonstration, expertise, guidance, books, workshops and products to people who are going to be subject to global weather change, food shortages and natural catastrophes. We want to increase your readiness for events such as these. 

We hope to show you what is the best shelter, how to attain food by yourself in your apartment or on your farm, and how to use household products as medicine.

We want to show you how to survive on your own for a long period of time, wherever you are. We are not inventing anything new; we are sharing knowledge that already exists. Our goal is to simplify and adapt these for your own situation.

In short, the human race is in danger and we want to do our part to sustain human life for the short term and long term.

—Shaykh Taner Ansari, Advisor


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